Nick Johnson

Nick joined Clara at the early stages of development, after a conversation with Kim and Adam struck a chord with his love of innovation and intellectual change. Nick was inspired by the potential of combining capital market experience, customer-focused technology and a deep understanding of how de-risking markets operate. Over the last 12 months this potential has become a practical option for UK pension schemes and Nick is excited and determined to bring this new solution to market.

Nick is a qualified actuary with 25 years’ experience in both consultancy and insurance markets. He has a wide range of experience in building businesses and bringing propositions to markets. His most recent experience involved developing and managing a bulk annuity business for a large UK insurer, including the onboarding and administration of over 400 scheme transactions. He was attracted to bulk annuities because it provided the best solution for pension uncertainty for both corporate sponsors and pension scheme members. He now firmly believes that consolidation through Clara is the catalyst that this market needs to fulfil its potential.